Leicester Businesses Can Gain From A Strong PPC Campaign

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10 February 2017

Pay Per Click Using Google Adwords For Leicester Businesses

Digital Marketing specialist, Steve Castledine recently shared his thoughts on how local businesses can make real financial gain from a strong Adwords campaign.

Pay per click advertising has gained a lot of ground in recent years with sales and lead generation exploding with tools like Google Adwords leading the way. The Internet, coupled with a massive increase in smart phone and tablet use, has become the least expensive and easiest way for business to reach out to potential customers. It is so much easier for local businesses to use the Internet to inform customers about their products and services and make a sale. Google Adwords has made it possible for smaller, local companies to compete against national and international companies with large advertising budgets. Local businesses are getting noticed and seeing huge returns on their investment in Adwords. It is really satisfying to see the results of a well-managed Google Adwords campaign and strategically built landing pages having a massive impact on sales for an enterprising local business.

Traditional Advertising

Steve says that a lot of businesses are still investing in traditional interruption advertising like newspapers, radio, billboards and television. It’s called interruption advertising because you are trying to catch someone’s attention that is not specifically looking for your service. If somebody is looking for a personal injury lawyer in Leicester and they are searching Google for that search term then they are probably looking to hire somebody immediately. People searching Google for a product or service are usually much further down the line towards a purchase than they would be through traditional interruption advertising.pay per click advertising

What is really exciting about Google is that you can test your advertising on a relatively small budget. With traditional advertising there is no testing time so you can blow a lot of money before discovering if the ad works or not.

With Google Adwords you can agree to spend £50 a day for 5 days and you can analyse your results daily. At the end of the week you can see how many clicks you got and which keywords are bringing in the customers. You can make adjustments to the ad campaign on the go, which is so much easier than pulling an ad from a newspaper or changing the TV or radio spot. With Adwords you have the luxury to determine when exactly the ad runs, what day or days of the week, between what times of the day and night, and you can then make changes instantly to ensure the campaign is a success.

So much has changed in marketing and advertising with the opening up of the digital marketing and advertising world. Years ago direct mail was the big thing, you’d have to buy a list of targeted prospects, create a direct mail campaign, spend a few thousand pounds, send out the campaign and wait a few weeks or even months for the calls to come in, if they ever did. Since it looks like Google is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future, Steve predicts that Adwords will remain the dominant source of advertising for local businesses. He believes every business could benefit from a professionally managed ad campaign to help them grow their business and increase their long-term profitability.

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