Content Marketing And Online Marketing

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29 September 2016

Content Marketing And Online Marketing

Content Marketing is a vital part of an online marketing strategy. Today, there has been a big change in the customer journey. There has been a very rapid change in social and digital technologies. Information is easy to find and there is plenty available. Customers prefer to look online and research companies and their products or services before they make a purchase decision.

This is why a smart marketer will have to think about how they would be able to make that information easy to find for their potential customers; before a competitor does. Take a look at how Content Marketing can help you attract & hold the attention of your visitors:

  • Content and its purpose- Even before you start writing content, keep in mind that you are creating it for your customer; the minute you provide value to your customer, it will help drive sales and customer loyalty. The content you create should be well laid out & informative and should be clear in terms of how your information, blogs, copy, e-books or downloads meet the needs of your customers.
  • Authority matters – Whilst SEO is important; creating content solely to tick the Google boxes should not be the heart of all the information you post online. Today, people look for value; they don’t want to be bombarded with advertising and marketing gimmicks, copy created just to increase keyword density or improve search engine rankings.

They want to know that the business they are considering doing business with actually has some standing in the market. Instead, aim to build your credibility by posting quality content, instead of just weaving weak copy around strategically placed keywords.content marketing

  • Sharable content – Whether your content is in the form of a blog, a video or an infographic, focus on making it shareable. If the information is relevant, informs and is interesting, viewers will be keen to share it within their networks helping to spread the word about your brand.
  • Don’t overdo it- Don't go overboard with your Content Marketing efforts. If you post 100 tweets a day or randomly post content on social media, that will only lead to over saturation and have a negative impact on your marketing efforts. Be selective with the content you post, avoid repetition, keep it fresh and space it well. This will hold the attention of your viewers better, increase engagement and leave them wanting more rather than becoming an annoyance. 

Content Marketing for small business works and it works wonders and can make a positive impact, but it also requires that you be consistent with it. Provide added value to your audience and help them make more well-informed purchase decisions. The minute they start benefiting, your business will benefit as well.

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